Saturday, 18 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 17 - Walk to Work

I live about five miles from work, the drive in takes me about twenty to thirty minutes depending on traffic, followed by a five minute walk from the car park. After trying various routes over the years, I think I've now found the optimum journey into work, opting for back streets rather than a blast down the motorway. My route takes me through a nearby town with a private school and parents causing chaos by parking on double yellow lines, under a motorway, along one a notorious street (Google it and you'll see claims that it's the most dangerous road in Britain) and then into the city centre.

I took a few photos on my way in (the car ones when I was stopped) to share my journey.

Traffic starting to queue back due to parents dropping their little darlings off at school
At least now I have a nice view of our local church
Heading past the mosque and onto the most dangerous road in Britain; it looks quite peaceful
Into the city centre and outside the building I used to work in
Car parked and now on foot, taking a glance down Welsh Back
Pausing on Bristol Bridge whilst I wait for the pedestrian crossing
A quick look down the cut on the other side of Bristol Bridge
A look back over Castle Green
Getting closer now

Outside my work building

Waiting for the lift

On my way to the top of the building to start work

Today was a very dull trip in, with nothing exciting to photograph or comment on, but at least it wasn't raining. The photographs above, taken in rush hour, do make me query whether Bristol really is the second most congested city in the UK as a recent survey reported. I think my journey's really quite stress free!

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  1. Ohhh I recognise some of the places! :D We actually work fairly close to one another. I agree, Bristol doesn't seem that busy but then I don't drive, so maybe I just have no idea. My journey to work is definitely stress-free.