Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 24 - What's in my fridge

It might be a bit of a blessing that I'm doing this post a little late, as we get our groceries delivered over the weekend and so on a Friday our fridge is generally fairly bare. That said, this looks fairly sparse, but if you think this looks empty, you should see it on a Friday!

I never thought I'd be showing off the contents of my fridge, but here goes!

At the top we've got some bread, a container of fresh coffee, some nutty rice salad, Philadelphia Light (can you tell it was on offer?!) and a few jars of jam and marmalade. The next shelf down has a few yogurts, a bottle of Wooden Hand Brewery beer (I think it made my husband's day when we found this in Morrisons yesterday!), some beetroot, coleslaw and marinade. The shelf below contains some J20s, tomato ketchup, brown sauce barbecue sauce and jalepeno relish, plus some of that Flora Cuisine cooking oil that Vernon Kay advertises. The bottom shelf has a couple of pots of rhubarb yogurt (amazing with some muesli for breakfast), some salmon, a stir fry sauce which I'm hoping to try next week, a couple of bottles of soft drink. This is where the healthy eating collapses. We're both at the orthodontist this week and so need soft food for a couple of days. We've got a Charlie Bigham's moussaka and cottage pie, plus a couple of cauliflower cheese servings. Oh well, it's only once every six weeks.

 In the vegetable crisper there is half a lettuce, some tomatoes, mushrooms and green beans.


 Oh, and a bag of new potatoes. Delicious.

The fridge door is a bit of a dumping ground, with various sauces and purees. There's a lump of halloumi which must be getting near it's use by date and some sour cream and chive dips left over from one of our Dominos binges. There are also a few chocolate bars, we share one at night when we need a treat. My favourite thing is the milk, bizarrely. Sainsbury's gave away these milk jugs years ago, but we've only recently started using them now they're stocking skimmed and 1% milk in milk bags. It cuts down significantly on the amount of plastic recycling we create, and it's somehow easier to pour from a jug than a bottle. Is it odd that this is the main thing I'd recommend in our fridge?

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