Friday, 31 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 31 - One Whole Month

Well, I can't believe this is it. Whilst I can't claim to have blogged every day in May, as I'd set out to do, I have at least blogged at least 31 times in May, and completed the challenge, albeit some posts were a little belated. At 31 posts is probably about ten times the normal number of posts I write in a month, I'm rather impressed with myself.

Whilst I've struggled with some of the subjects, it's been good writing about things that I wouldn't normally think of writing about. Similarly, I'd done some photo heavy blogs which I've really enjoyed. Although I went a bit off tangent, I loved writing about my five favourite music tracks, time ran away with me when I was searching YouTube for videos and listening to the tracks over and over.

I've started following a number of bloggers who have also been doing the challenge, meaning that it's really broadened the range of blogs that I read. Similarly, my follower numbers have increased more through doing this exercise than through any other attempts.

I've also found that I can find time to blog if I really want to. I've used the Blogger app to write blogs on the sofa in front of the television and on the balcony at work in my lunch hour. I like to think it's got me into better habits, I even have plans to write two posts tomorrow, I just hope I can keep it up!

I've really enjoyed the experience, thanks to Rosalilium for organising it and coming up with the diverse subject titles. 

Blog Every Day in May badge

Well, I nearly did...

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