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Blog Every Day in May - Blog 21 - Dream Job

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 I don't really know what my career aspirations were when I was younger, but think I wanted to be a nurse or a private detective at one stage. I've always wanted to be a singer, as I love music, but would only do so if I thought I could get away without intervention from the auto tune machine. How I ended up as an accountant is anyone's guess.

What I really want to do, is work in a wedding dress shop. Well, knowing me, I'd probably like to own my own wedding dress shop.

This was a little world that was alien to me until about five years ago, but they can be wonderful little places. I'm thinking here more about the owner managed stores than the large chains, one visit to Pronuptia was enough. I went to a number of shops, but eventually got my dress from a small shop in a nearby town. All of the staff were lovely and friendly and made me feel really welcome and comfortable, which is important when you're standing around in your underwear being squeezed into a dress a size too small! Nothing felt like too much trouble and it felt like they were really interested in me, rather than me just being another customer.

What appeals to me is that all the customers are keenly looking for their dream dress, so on the whole you have a store of excited, happy customers. Your aim as a wedding dress employee is to find the perfect dress for them, whether or not it's the one they have in their mind, and hope you have it in a size you can fit them into well enough for them to get the idea. Although I went for a straight dress, I did try on a meringue at one point, encouraged by the shop staff. I have to admit it looked so much better than I'd expected, and if I hadn't been getting married at the top of a narrow staircase I'd definitely have considered it.

I'd imagine it's really rewarding, knowing that you've helped a bride find the perfect dress for her, so she can be confident on her wedding day. Much more rewarding than signing off an audit file!

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