Friday, 31 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 30 - Who Inspires Me

I'm so close to the end of the 'Blog Every Day in May' challenge, but this is probably the subject that's challenged me more than any of the others, so apologies if it's quite brief. There is no single person who inspires me. The best I can do is think of some people who've inspired me in certain areas of my life.

School and career seem to recur in other blogs as points in life at which people have been inspired. However, I honestly can't think of anyone who inspired me to follow the career path I did, nor anyone who's particularly inspired me along the day. I made the decision of what I was going to do and doggedly pursued it. I'm quite self motivating and have relied on that, more than anything else, throughout my career.

I guess I've been inspired by people in my hobbies. I love photography and have met people who have inspired me either with the work they've produced, their enthusiasm for it, or both. Prime examples are Becky Male and Derek Prescott. If I had the talent and wherewithal, I'd love to be a photographer, so I like to take a glimpse into their worlds, even if it is with a tinge of jealousy.

On a more personal level, my husband inspires me with his ability to get on with life, whatever is thrown at him. I'm fully aware that I'm a terrible patient when I'm ill, I don't like company, just want to sit on my own and stew. Andrew though just tries to get on with life, whether he's not feeling well or has other stresses. I honestly think if I had his medical files, I'd spend an awful lot of time feeling sorry for myself, but I much prefer his outlook of not letting anything stop him, well, not since he spent almost a week in hospital after a biking accident. We've both had a stressful year, and again, I don't cope too well with stress, I get run down and ill, which brings on the moping and feeling sorry for myself. He's much more in the mindset of working through things, knowing he'll come through the other end eventually. You'd have hoped this might have rubbed off on me by now!

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