Friday, 3 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 3 - Day in the Life

I didn't pick up my phone to check Twitter until lunch time today, I'm glad I did as I spotted what today's blog subject was. It gave me a chance to make some mental notes about what I'd been up to. It also explains why my photos are all of the latter half of my day!

I got up at 6.45am and emerged from the bathroom about half an hour later, clean and almost ready to face the day ahead. I even remembered to put eye drops in, I'm hoping my red eyes are due to hay fever and the eye drops will make them better. Being the first Friday in the month it was dress down day at work, so I opted for a casual outfit, jeans, t shirt, cardigan, my Converses and a jacket in case it was chilly on the way into work. I picked up my phones, purse and handbag, grabbed a hay fever tablet and headed downstairs where my husband was having breakfast. He always makes me a cup of tea on work days, so I washed the hay fever tablet down with that, grabbed some food and headed out of the door just before 8am.

It takes me about half an hour to drive the seven or so miles into the city centre where I work. I park in a nearby NCP and then have a short walk to the office. There was little traffic around, so I was at my desk before 8.30am. I was still setting up my laptop (the joys of hot desking!) when my boss came over wanting to update me on the meeting he'd had with one of our clients the previous day. After that I worked through a few emails, responding to queries and then set to the main task of the day. As the result of my firm merging with another firm a month ago, we are are having to resign our old firm as auditor of all our clients and get the new firm appointed. It sounds a straight forward task, but the number of letters, documents and forms required has to be seen to be believed. I've got about 35 audit clients, but some of these are groups with a number of subsidiaries. I think when I'm done I'll probably have covered about 50 companies. I need to get them all done by the end of next week, so I was glad to have some time to get some letters drafted, printed and sent out today.

I stopped to nip out and get some lunch at about 11.30am. Our local Tesco Express fills with office workers over lunch, with the queue almost reaching out of the door, so it pays to go early. There was much mirth as I was paying as apparently someone had set the outside bin on fire by throwing in a lit cigarette. Apparently this happens all the time... Back at my desk, I carried on with my letters and stopped for lunch at 1.15pm for about half an hour. That gives me time to eat something, check Facebook, my email and the Daily Mail website to find out which partially dressed celebrity is attracting their attention today.

After lunch I carried on working through my letters, I was pleased with what I'd achieved by 4.30pm, so scanned a few documents into our document management system and cleared my desk. This was about halfway through my tidy up!

At 5pm on the first Friday of every month, everyone gets together in the kitchen for 'office gossip'. This is basically to update us on joiners / leavers and weddings / babies as well as any new work we've won, work we're tendering for and any business development activity coming up. I got a mention this month, as I'm tendering for a new piece of work. It's a shame I didn't get credited by name for the piece I won during the month though, them's the breaks! 

The update wrapped up at just before 5.30pm, I tucked all my belongings away in either my handbag or locker (embracing the clear desk policy) and hot footed it out of the building. I stopped on Bristol Bridge to take a photo of Castle Park as I was passing. Bristol's not a bad city!

It took me about twenty minutes to drive home, getting in just before 6pm. My plan was that that would give me time to write my blog (plus check my emails and have a few games of Candy Crush!) before my husband came home. However, it's 7pm and he's appeared and I've not quite finished.

My plans for the rest of the night are television (although more likely the Mentalist than Top Gear, can't get enough of Simon Baker!) and pizza. About 10pm I'll head for a bath and then get to bed about 11pm. Not a bad day all in all and I couldn't be more pleased that we're on the cusp of a three day weekend. 

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