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Blog Every Day in May - Blog 14 - Food Glorious Food

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I love food, which is part of the reason I'm currently using MyFitnessPal to keep a food diary and stop me from going too awry. I don't have expensive or fancy tastes, which I'm sure is due to my parents feeding me very traditional food when I was growing up. My tastes are a bit more experimental now, but I love having tasty reliable meals I can go back to time and again.

Although it's slightly masochistic given my calorie counting, I thought I'd blog about my five favourite meals. That said, I'm sure as soon as I've posted this, I'll remember something I'd previously forgotten and my top five will change.

I'd not eaten fajitas until I hit my thirties, but they've become a firm favourite. I buy an Old El Paso kit for the tortillas, spice mix and salsa and cook up chicken, sweet pepper, onion, mushrooms and sweetcorn for the mix. I don't like very spicy food, so I apply a good helping of sour cream. It's very messy finger food, but somehow that makes it even more fun.

My current favourite Sunday lunch, lamb shanks, dauphinois potatoes and green beans 
Yum. I love a traditional Sunday lunch (or dinner as we do it), with time to sit down properly and enjoy a meal. Good lamb shanks are hard to beat, and if well cooked the meat falls off the bone, leaving the fatty bits behind, so I can pretend it's healthy (just as long as I can ignore the creamy potatoes!)

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burger and chips
If we need a quick, easy treat a trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen normally does the job. I tend to go for the cheese and bacon burger, but I think my husband's probably tried virtually everything on the menu and rates it all. They even do ice cream milkshakes to accompany the burger, but then I struggle to get out of my seat afterwards! There's a burger place in town which is rated in the top five restaurants in Bristol, I keep meaning to try it to see if they can give GBK a run for their money.

Jamie Oliver's Chicken and leek stroganoff
I'm not the biggest fan of Jamie Oliver, but cooked this once and it's been cooked numerous times since and always turned out well. I even cooked it for my inlaws. It's a fabulous combination of flavours, with the white wine and lemon coming through well. If you would like to try it, the recipe is on his website here. My only comment would be that I used the recipe out of one of his books, which also added sliced chestnut mushrooms. I'd definitely recommend including them.

Homemade chicken lasagne
This is one of my mother's recipe's, with a sauce of tomatoes, onion, chicken and mushrooms and plenty of cheese on the top. It's tasty and perfect comfort food when the weather's cold and miserable outside. A bit like it's been today actually.

I've not seen anyone else post about their five favourite meals, but I'd love to know what they are. Leave me a message if you have any you'd recommend.

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