Friday, 24 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 22 - 13 Year Old Me

If I could speak to my 13 year old self, what would I tell her? I guess it would go a little something like this:
  • You're not half as spotty, chubby or unattractive as you think you are, really don't worry about it. Oh, and smile, honestly, your teeth are fine. That said, if you'd like to get a brace, do it sooner rather than later if it will help your confidence.
  • Don't worry about being shy, you'll come out of your shell when you need to.
  • Curly or wavy hair may look good, but it's not for you. Avoid the perm lotion, your hair will be back to poker straight within a week, unless it's left on for so long that bits of your hair break off.
  • Learn to study. I know it's boring and it's a technique that needs developing, but it'll be worth it not to break your heart over your A level results.
  • Similarly, there will be other football World Cups. The year of your A levels is not the right time to be watching all the matches, even if Steve Bull has made the England squad.
  • You'll make a few good friends in your life. No-one is universally popular, so don't let it get to you if sometimes you feel like Billy No Mates.
  • If you go for a dog walk with a friend, stand well back when she's throwing sticks for the sake of your nose.
  • Older men, not a great idea. Certainly avoid anyone with whom you have a sixteen year age gap, it's not worth the pain.
  • Have courage in your convictions, when your gut feel tells you it's time to leave a job, it is, whatever people may say.
  • When you're buying a house, just check it's locality, like whether it's right next to a motorway for example.
  • Drink more squash, eat more fibre and less chocolate and exercise more. It'll be worth it in the long run.

Basically, I know that you're a stress-head and overthink everything, but try not to sweat the small stuff, everything always works out okay in the end.

This is thirteen year old me, not sure why I'm gurning, obviously bored of waiting for my photo to be taken. Oh, and Cath, if you ever find this blog, apologies for dragging you into this, but this was the only photo I could find without going into the loft!

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