Friday, 10 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 10 - Travel Dreams

I've been lucky enough to see a bit of the world and much as I love seeing different parts of the world, how other people live and the local wildlife, I'm generally always happy to go home, back to normality and a washing machine. The only exception was when we went to Australia for five weeks for a belated honeymoon a few years back. We started in Perth, then flew to Adelaide and drove round to Sydney. I loved Australia, the people are relaxed, the weather's better and they even speak the same language as me. It took a lot of reasoning with myself to get me to Sydney airport. 

In Sydney on Australia Day, hence the t shirt!
Right now I'm happy where I am, curled up at home in front of my PC. However if the question were where would I like to travel, these destinations probably make my top five. 

Not because I necessarily really want to go to Finland, but because I really want to see the northern lights. It's probably the top thing on my bucket list. Much as I know I could be lucky and see them much closer to home, in Scotland for example, I think, if funds allowed, I'd go as far north as possible, to maximise the chance to seeing them. I'd no doubt also take the opportunity to go dog sledding and cross country skiing to make the most of my time there. It'd be rude not to. 

We really enjoy fly drive holidays and after already having done west cost USA and Florida (plus a chunk of Australia!) Croatia seems a good location for another. From what I've seen it's a beautiful country, with lakes and mountains as well as sandy beaches, and driving across it would enable us to see as much as possible. 

New Zealand
New Zealand again has such breathtaking scenery that I'd love to visit one day. Again, I'd probably aim to drive and cover as much of both the north and south islands as possible, and no doubt come home needing a holiday!

New England
Another fly drive, I'm afraid. I'd love to visit New England in the autumn when the colours are at their best, but whilst there I'd be mad not to take time to see Boston, Niagara Falls and Cape Cod.

I've heard so much about the Rocky Mountaineer that I'd love to take the train across the Rockies. After all, it would give us a break from all of this driving I have planned!

If you have any must see locations on your holiday list, I'd love to hear about them. Leave me a comment!

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