About me

I’m Rachel, and this is my blog! Welcome to my little piece of the internet, I hope you'll find it interesting. I starting blogging at the end of 2012 but I'm still finding my feet and developing my blog, both in style and content. 

My blog features whatever I feel like writing about and, I guess that makes it a lifestyle blog. The name of my blog just came to me, and it seems to cover just about anything, pretty much like my blog does, as an 'aagghh!' can be a sound of surprise, disgust, or recognition, I think!

I'm married to Andrew, who'll you'll see above, standing beside me in the parkland near to where we used to live in Bristol. We moved to Wiltshire last year so have a whole new area to explore. I work as an accountant, but like taking lots of photos, geocaching and getting out to see the countryside; all themes which I'm sure you'll see on my blog. We've recently got our first dog, a cockapoo called Barney. 

Please feel free to email me if you’d like to get in contact. I’m PR friendly and will happily provide reviews on any new products or services, although I'll always be completely honest. Take that as a good or a bad thing!

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