Friday, 24 August 2018

Barney the Cockapoo Super Model

Obviously every dog owner thinks their dog is the best looking hound that has ever existed, but I really do think my cockapoo Barney is a super cute canine.

He was invited by a photographer I know to take part in a shoot she was doing for PitPat, the dog activity monitor and I also applied for him to do some modelling for Berkeley Cole, who make luxury dog beds. I was so proud of how he did in both shoots, luckily he's spent plenty of time at dog school so I can generally get him to behave and do what he needs to do so that the photographer can get the best out of him. He's got excellent recall, and does a reliable sit and lie down, accompanied with a good stay. He's got a good nature too, so he's happy to be around other people and dogs (apologies to the photographer whose bald head he licked when he lay on the floor to get the perfect shot, he only wanted to say hello!)

I thought I'd nip to the PitPat and Berkeley Cole websites today, and I'm delighted to have found Barney's face on both websites, as I thought his photos would only be used on social media. Here he is on the two home pages:

As well as these websites, he's also had his image used on multiple occasions on social media, here are a few examples:

I'm hoping to find more opportunities for Barney to do modelling in the future, but in the meantime you can keep up with what he's up to on his Instagram page (@acockapoocalledbarney) or mine (@rachel_2407).

Alternatively, if you're ever looking for a compliant and cute cockapoo model, drop me a message.

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