Sunday, 2 March 2014

My bizarre selection of driving music

Since changing jobs a few weeks back, I'm now spending around two hours a day in the car. Most people think this will be torture, but I actually quite enjoy the time. On my journey into work, I listen to the local radio station, telling me what crisis is currently befalling the Bristol area. On my way home, I tend to switch over to the music on my phone and listen to that.

It was on a journey home last week when I realised what a bizarre selection of music my phone must contain. I'd gone from the classic rock of 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac, to 'Fantastic Day' by Haircut 100. I'm not even sure how that made it onto my phone! I decided I'd see what the next ten tracks were that it came up with. These are unedited and so please don't judge me!

The tracks that my phone decided I should admit to listening to are:
  •  Starlight - The Supermen Lovers (the baseline actually made my car shake)
  • Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae (beautiful, just beautiful)
  • 7 Nation Army - Marcus Collins (not sure where this came from, but it's pleasant enough)
  • Fire - Kasabian (I'm not much of a Kasabian fan, but quite like this track)
  • Weekend in New England - Barry Manilow (honestly, I don't remember this coming on, if my phone was going to give me Barry Manilow, why not Copacabana??)
  • Somebody to Love - Queen (I had a proper singalong to this)
  • Can't Fight the Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes (must watch Coyote Ugly again!)
  • Love Shack - The B-52s (bit of a summer song, it didn't really suit the M4 in the rain)
  • Bodies - Robbie Williams (again, I don't remember this coming on, but given the amount of Robbie Williams and Take That on my phone, it's almost inevitable that something would be in the list)
  • Lust for Life - Iggy Pop (good bit of rock to finish off my journey)
I've added a video playlist of these tracks below, just in case you want to listen to them yourself.

Now, let's see what music my phone has for me this week...

Win a stay at Retallack Resort and Spa

 I've gone a bit crazy with competition entering recently and despite not winning anything to date, I'm determined that that will change some time soon! Having come across this competition myself, I thought I'd give any readers who are interested a chance to see if they have more luck with competitions than I do!

Retallack Resort and Spa are offering you the chance to win a Staycation of your own, be it to relive your childhood holidays, spend some quality time with family and friends or treat you and your loved ones. By simply liking, following or tweeting about us in the widget below you could win a 7 night stay in one of our 2 bed, baby friendly holiday lodges.

The resort is based in Cornwall and provides luxury accommodation for a self-catering holiday. Whilst the baby friendly holiday idea is a bit lost on me, I notice they also do dog friendly holidays, which is much more my thing! Any holiday location that welcomes muddy paws sounds good to me!

Good luck, and don't forget to let me know if you win!