Sunday, 9 February 2014

My photo an hour project

I've seen plenty of photo an hour projects before and have always thought about doing one, but not enough to actually set a date. That changed when I was talking to a friend on Twitter this week, she'd tried to do it in the week but had forgotten about it after two photos. We decided we'd both try to do it this Saturday and send each other reminders so we didn't forget. My day's been fairly uneventful, so apologies in advance for the mundane nature of my photos!

Minimal make up
9am Minimal make up, just enough so I didn't scare anyone when I left the house.
Pamper Banana
10am Waiting for Brooke, my friendly beautician for my monthly spruce up.
11am Making the most of the mild, sunny weather to nip outside to see the daffodils.

12pm A quick trip to Sainsbury's to pick up food for the day. We made the mistake of going when we were hungry...

Poached egg
1pm Lunch! I'm still practicing with poached eggs. The yolks were runny, just, thirty seconds less in the pan and I reckon they'd be perfect.

Wardrobe cull
2pm We both had a bit of a wardrobe cull, picking out anything that we no longer wear to donate to charity. This was my wardrobe afterwards. I've turned my hangers around so that in six months or a year I'll be able to see what I've not worn and donate that too.
3pm The curse of shopping when you're hungry. We now seem to have cake in for a mid afternoon snack. Awesome!
Sage training
4pm I've been working through the training pack for Sage, a piece of software I'll need to be using every day from Monday. Almost at the end of box 1...
Sage certification
5pm Yay, I passed the self test module for the final book in the box 1. Next, box 2...
6pm Whilst Andrew was watching Star Wars, I thought I'd start my post about my photo an hour. Bit odd that it features in a photo, but never mind!
Homemade burger
7pm We were going to go out for food tonight, but I didn't fancy venturing out into the weather. Instead we had homemade burger and wedges. Amazing!
Despicable Me
8pm I recorded Despicable Me a few nights ago, can you believe I've never seen it? I quite enjoyed it, Andrew complained there wasn't enough plot for him. I think he may have been confused about the target audience!
9pm A nice hot drink. I'm not entirely sure whether Andrew picking mugs related to a former employer of each of us was entirely accidental.
Candy Crush
10pm Level 275 of Candy Crush finally defeated!
Bath time
11pm Time for a nice soak in the bath before bed.

I quite enjoyed doing this, although the hourly photos seemed to come around so quickly. Next time maybe I'll do a work day, so you can see how mundane that is too! If you've done your own version of the photo an hour project recently, leave me your link!