Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 25 - Music Love

Although I'm aware I'm supposed to blog about my five favourite albums, I don't really listen to albums nowadays. I tend just to listen to playlists on my phone. Back in the good old days of vinyl, I used to love putting on an album and listening to it, being disturbed only to turn it over. Back then I'd have easily been able to come up with five, but I'll save you from a delve through my vinyl collection in the spare bedroom.

Instead, I've tried to come up with my five favourite tracks. I can't promise these are my definitive top five, they might change if you were to ask me tomorrow, but they'll at least give an insight into my music tastes.

The Day I Died by Just Jack is simply beautiful, full of emotion. The video with James Nesbitt makes it even more poignant for anyone who doesn't listen to lyrics.

 I love Stevie Wonder, I love his voice, the base in his tracks and the feel good nature of his music. Although the lyrics don't quite fit, I had Signed, Sealed, Delivered as part of my wedding playlist. I had to find a way of sneaking in some of his music!

Not the best video in the world, but I love this track, You Do Something to Me, by Paul Weller. Again, I love his voice, it's got real soul in it. I could listen to this over and over.

I used to listen to a lot of early Springsteen when I was younger. I remember borrowing the 'Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ' tape from the library and almost wearing it through from continuous play. Ain't Good Enough for You, is one of Bruce Springsteen's more recent releases. It makes me smile and I love the rhythm. A good feel good piece of music.

Robbie Williams is unashamedly my guilty pleasure. He's a fantastic entertainer and can really capture an audience. Although something like Angels would be a more obvious choice, I love Me and My Monkey, it's such a random track, but at the same time showcases Robbie's vocal talents. It never fails to make me smile. I'm just gutted Robbie's not coming to Cardiff in this year's arena tour.

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