Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blog Every Day in May - Blog 27 - Secret Talent

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I've been wondering for most of the month what I'd write about when this subject came along as I couldn't think of any secret talents I have. Normally if I'm good at things, they'll be things I do regularly and as a result they're no longer a secret. I'm great at finding anything anyone has ever needed to know on Google, not bad with software, pretty good at managing people and if I drop something, can normally catch it before it hits the ground. None of these could be described as a secret talent though.

The one thing that did come to mind is a skill I had when I was younger and rarely think about. I had perfect pitch. Perfect pitch is basically the ability to recognise (or being able to reproduce) a musical note with no reference. I'm not sure whether I developed it after hours of piano, flute and clarinet lessons, or when it appeared, but it was useful, and made it easy to know when a piano needed tuning.

It's years since I played any musical instrument, so I'm unsure if I still have it. I still love music, but restrict myself nowadays to singing along to music in the car or at home. I'd love to play the piano, but don't want to be one of those people who sits down at a piano only to play chopsticks as it's the only thing they can remember. Maybe one day...

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