Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Photo an Hour - June 2016

Sunday June 13th was the date set for this month's Photo an Hour project. It's organised by Jane and Louisa, you'll be able to see more details on their blogs, as well as details as to how to sign up for reminders if you'd like to join in.

We're a week into puppy parenthood, so puppy pictures feature heavily!
10am Laundry time!
11am Barney had worn himself out and so took himself off to his crate for a sleep

12pm Not quite a photo, but a bit of post sleep training
1pm Lunch!
2pm Time for an old film, Clockwise, partly filmed where I grew up
3pm Still in front of the film, but with a nice cup of tea
4pm A cuddle in the sun
5pm Relaxing in the kitchen
6pm Watching the football whilst Barney attacked his cuddly chicken
7pm Barney managed to get one of my shoes away from me. I'll get it back damp and nibbled.
8pm Time for Top Gear 
9pm Bed time

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