Tuesday, 7 June 2016

May round up

May has been exhausting, I think that's the only way of describing it. I'm so glad we had a holiday at the end of April as at least I went into the month feeling refreshed. Working for a travel company, it's our busiest month, things are always a little more fractious in the office and my desk was often completely obscured by paperwork. I've managed to just about keep my head above water in the knowledge that things can only get better. It's been exhausting though and sometimes felt like an impossible task. Still, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
This was just one week's cost invoices to process, and that's only part of my job

We went to our Village Show at the start of the month, you can read my post about it here. Predictably, it rained and rained, but it was still a great event and I came home with a rosette. I wore it proudly.

We also went to a fiftieth birthday party, a definite sign that we're getting older. It was really
nice, I finally got to meet a friend of my husband's, and his wife. We've already made plans to meet for a dog walk, just the minor hurdle to overcome that we don't have a dog yet. Oh well! The party was at the birthday boy's house, it was a relaxed affair, polite conversation, his best friend spontaneously playing the grand piano, great food and a free casino. I'd managed to get my £200 stake up to £1,700 before blowing it again on the roulette table, mainly because my birthday kept coming up and then throwing it all away by going crazy with my stake. Good job it was only paper money!
Like no birthday cake I've ever seen before

My parents have been looking to move house so we did a house viewing with them in the last weekend of the month. At present I think it's a case of trying to work out which of their criteria they can compromise on, but the best way of doing that is by looking at real houses, rather than just images on Right Move. They seem to have had a mindset change and are keen to move rather than just mulling it over, so we just need to hope something suitable comes up.

We met up with friends on the Sunday night (the joys of a bank holiday weekend!) for a meal at the Wild Duck in Ewen. It's a well known name around these parts as it used to be a royal haunt back in the day. It's now changed ownership, so we didn't quite know what to expect. It was certainly an experience, like eating a restaurant meal in a nightclub, but probably not an experience I'd rush to repeat!

Apart from that, we've made a big dent in the jobs that needed doing around the house. We've replaced a blown extractor fan and light fitting, put all our pictures up, reorganised the utility room and tidied up the garden. We've still got one box room, but as it took us five years to clear the box room in our last house, I think we're well ahead of the game!

Now onto how I'm doing against my plans for the year...

Read sixteen books
No further progress on this, I'm still working my way through my audio book on my phone when I'm at the gym. Unfortunately work has meant I've not made it to the gym for the last couple of weeks, hopefully this weekend.

Find one hundred geocaches
Again, no progress on this (are you seeing a pattern?!) 

Try three gym classes
Still not made any progress on this one. I did actually book a gym class but had to cancel it as it was early on a Sunday morning and I was desperate for a lie in. I'm such a failure! 

Meet up with an old friend
No change with this, but it's been good meeting up with new friends, which is just as important. Perhaps a life lesson there! 

Blog once a month
I've been on fire this month, obviously being stuck at my desk is motivating me, there's a few new posts on here if you've missed them over the course of the month. As well as my post about the Village show, I'd blogged about our trip to the Isle of Wight and how we went about selecting a puppy breeder. It's nothing if not diverse this blog!

Watch a new film once a month
I think for the first time, no progress on this one either. My television viewing comprises pretty much solely Supervet, Deep Space Nine and NCIS. In other words, something that it doesn't matter too much plot-wise if I fall asleep in front of it!

Take two holidays
Nothing booked for holiday number two, the events of the next month or so should reveal whether we'll get a chance to get away or not.

Take six day trips
Again, no progress on these but hopefully we'll catch up over the remainder of the year. 

I'm not really sure what June will hold, definitely more mountains of work, but hopefully something more exciting too. You can be sure I'll be back to let you know!

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