Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Barney the Cockapoo, the first day in my new home

I was spending the morning in the garden enjoying the sun with my brothers and sisters when some nice people came to see me. I think they've been before, they tasted familiar when I chewed on them. They played with me, signed some papers and then carried me away. Yay, I'm free! Hang on, what's this big, hot metal box they've put me in? It's making a chugging noise. It's really, really hot even though there is a wind blowing in me. Maybe if I climb up in the man I'll get more breeze. If I howl will the others hear me and come and pop me in the shade? No, that doesn't seem to work, what am I meant to do then? It's a bit boring here, maybe I'll give his finger a nibble, ooh, this belt holding him in tastes nice. Ah, that's better they've put my favourite radio station on. Maybe I'll lie down and have a little sleep in this shaded area under his arm. Ah he's stroking me, that's nice... That was a nice sleep but I'm still in the box. Boring! I'll have another nibble. Clearly I shouldn't, he's given me a fake bone to chew on instead. Ah, I've worn myself out chewing, back to sleep after a little stretch.

Hang on we've stopped. We're getting out, hurrah! Ooh grass. This is nice. They're very friendly here. They don't mind me following then around. I've had a bit of an explore, now we're going inside. This is odd, not like the other inside I knew. They've made a den for me, it's nice, but not like my old one. Hang on, the nice man has brought me Stinky Pheasant that I used to play with in my other home. I love Stinky Pheasant! I'll give him a bit of a chew, actually maybe a little sleep, this bed is so comfy. 
They've taken me outside again, honestly I must be out here twice an hour. I did a poo and got so much praise, do they not poo? Back inside again. Yay dinner time! I'm starving! All gone! Now I'm outside again. I pooed again and they loved it. They're weird. 

My den's moved, it's in a darker room now, I'm not too sure. They left me alone for a little bit but I howled. Luckily they came back when I stopped. The lady gave me a cuddle whilst the man organised things noisily. He took me outside and I had a wee they cheered at that too. They were in the kitchen eating so I had a little nap and dreamed about food. When I woke up they took me out again, but then back in. I wonder why they keep bringing me to this bit of grass? 
There's even more inside! They've given me a fleecy area to lie on. Hurrah, they've brought Stinky Pheasant through. The lady didn't look pleased when I tried to climb into her lap with Stinky Pheasant. Maybe I should stay down here. They're watching moving pictures on a box on the corner. Maybe I'll have a little nap. It's the only time that they don't drag me outside. Sneaky!
After my looong nap they took me outside again, it was really odd, the man was running about the grass so I followed him, I can't let him get away. I only have tiny legs, but I'm really, really fast, I kept catching him. He gave me lots of attention when I did. I got tired after a bit though, and the sky was getting dark, so they popped me back in my den. The lady sat with me for a while, I howled at her to play with me, but she didn't. After a little while the lady left and the man came in and the room went dark. Did they forget I was in here? I should howl to remind them. Maybe if I howl a bit louder? How about a shriek? That's not working. It's a bit lonely here, and a bit odd without all my brothers and sisters. I have got Stinky Pheasant though. Maybe I'll try and have a little sleep, hopefully they'll come back for me when I wake up.

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  1. Hello barney! Hope u like your new home.xx
    Aww puppy's get into so much trouble, so jealous he's gorgeous