Saturday, 22 June 2013

The end of Google Reader, where else you can find me

There seems to have been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in the blogging community since Google announced its plans to discontinue Google Reader. This seems to have caused some confusion about what exactly they mean.

This is Google Reader, and as the message suggests when you go into it, it won't be available after 1 July 2013.

Screenshot from Google Reader

The confusion is over whether Google Friend Connect (which acts as the blog reader in Blogger) will also be discontinued. Whilst there are no plans announced as yet, the conspiracy theorists seem to suggest that it will happen at some stage, as part of a plan to direct more traffic to Google+ by using that instead.

Screenshot from Google Friend Connect

In the meantime, more and more people seem to be using Bloglovin' as their blog reader of choice. It's not a bad choice at all, it's easy on the eye, you can import your blog reading list from Google Friend Connect or Google Reader, and best of all, it has an app, so you can easily catch up with blogs whilst away from your PC. I've certainly moved my reading list over to Bloglovin' and like the way it works. 

If you're being booted out by Google Reader, or are nervous that you may lose your blog list on Google Friend Connect, there are plenty of other ways to follow me.

If you're on Bloglovin', or just want to give it a try, you can follow me on there by clicking this link and then the follow button.

Whilst at the moment my Facebook blog page mostly replicates my blog, I'm aiming to start adding more photographs and thoughts to make it a little bit different. You can follow me on there by clicking this link and liking my page.

 I'm also on Twitter and Instagram, you'll find buttons for those in my side bar.

Oh, and if you're old school, you can still follow my blog by email. Hopefully there's something for everybody!

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