Saturday, 22 June 2013

Meal at the Clifton Sausage

We'd had some gift vouchers for the Clifton Sausage knocking around since Christmas. It's no secret that we love our food, so vouchers for somewhere to eat are always welcome, particularly when it's somewhere as good as the Clifton Sausage. We booked a table for last weekend and I thought I'd take a few photos to share.

As the name would suggest, the Clifton Sausage is in Clifton village, just outside Bristol city centre, in an area filled with independent shops and home of the landmark Suspension Bridge. We've been to the Clifton Sausage a few times and never had a bad meal there, so it's a good reliable place for a tasty meal.

The outside of the Clifton Sausage

We were welcomed, shown to our corner table and presented with the main and the specials menu. So much choice!

The summer food menu
The Saturday Specials menu

I liked the sound of the cream of sweetcorn soup, but didn't think I'd manage three courses and so passed on a starter. Andrew had more confidence in his appetite and ordered the king prawns and chorizo with chili and garlic and rosemary focaccia. The waitress was keen to tell him he'd made the right choice. She wasn't wrong. The prawns were succulent and the chorizo smokey, it went down exceedingly well.

King prawns and chorizo with chili, garlic and rosemary focaccia

Next, onto the main course, it seemed rude to not have sausages. Andrew went for the tasting plate, which was four sausages, Clifton (pork, cider, wholegrain mustard), Gloucester Old Spot (prime traditional pork), lamb mint and apricot and Beef and Spitfire Ale, with parsnip crisps, served with gravy and champ (mash with chopped spring onions). I decided to have the special, pork, plum and ginger sausages with gravy and mash. They were so good. I'm not normally a huge fan of sausages as the lumpy bits make me a bit squeamish, but these sausages are made of such good meat that they fall apart when you cut into them. Absolutely perfect.

Tasting plate
Sausages and mash

I was already feeling quite full by this stage, but I normally refuse a pudding and then try to eat Andrew's. This time I decided I should order my own. We both went for sticky toffee pudding which was delicious. It defeated me though, and had to leave some of it. What a waste! 

Sticky toffee pudding

Andrew finished with an espresso. We were given a comments card with the bill, and I even liked that with its piggy snouts!

Comments card

If you're in Bristol and are looking for somewhere to eat, I'd definitely recommend the Clifton Sausage, it's worth booking though as it's so popular. You can do so through their website.

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  1. Never heard of the Clifton Sausage before but it looks really tasty!
    Will have to pop in an visit next time I'm in Bristol! :-) x