Friday, 17 November 2017

A (dog) walk in the park - Stanton Park

Stanton Park is a country park to the north-east of Swindon, it features a large lake and extensive woodland and parkland. Stanton Park was the site of a Roman Villa from around 200 AD, although there is no remaining visible sign today. The park opened in 2000 and has been further developed since that date. 

The park covers 185 acres, its tranquillity and unspoiled nature is the main draw and there are few facilities. The tea room only opens at weekends and the only other facilities are public toilets. However, due to the lack of facilities, parking is free. If you're visiting during the week and need refreshments, there is a hotel nearby which may be worth a try. 
Stanton House hotel, next to the park
It's a perfect spot for a good walk, we often go out through the woods, around the parkland and then back skirting the lake, but there are other paths you can take. The area obviously gets less busy the further away from the entrance you get, so Barney has plenty of opportunity for a good run off lead.
Various options for walks
We've been lucky with the weather on our last couple of visits, but it's a good spot to visit whatever time of year. 
Plenty of space to roam
Thanking my lucky cards that Barney isn't a swimmer!
Beautiful, whatever the weather

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