Friday, 21 April 2017

A (dog) walk in the park - Avebury

Let me start off by admitting that it's not a park, but Barney had a great day out and why ruin the name of a great series of posts?!

Avebury is a village in Wiltshire and the site of the largest stone circle in the world. The village is also the location of Avebury Manor and Garden, owned by the National Trust. We've visited Avebury before and looked around the Manor and Garden, but this time with Barney in tow, we restricted ourselves to a walk around the stones, followed by a trip to the cafe. Car parking is expensive at £7 per day, free for National Trust members, but for that you get to walk around the stones for no further cost. The village is a nice place to wander around, even if you're not crazy about Neolithic stones. Be prepared for it to be busy, despite visiting in March, we got just about the last parking space. Being a village there are all the facilities you'd need for a day out. 

Dogs are meant to be on leads around the stones, but Barney didn't seem to mind too much. He met lots of other dog owners who made a fuss of him, as well as a lookalike cockapoo. It's a nice place for a dog walk, if you don't mind them not being able to run free.
The view down the River Kennet to Silbury Hill
A section of the stone circle
Barney's not really one for history
Looking over towards the village
Village church

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  1. That's very cool, I hadn't even heard of Avebury. I'll get the old fella to detour when we're next visiting the family.