Friday, 4 November 2016

A (dog) walk in the park - Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park
To me Lydiard Park is a green oasis on the edge of Swindon. There is plenty to explore with the Grade I listed Lydiard House, the church and a walled garden as well as 260 acres of parkland. I have to be honest, we've been less frequent visitors since they started charging for parking, but it won't be long until Barney will be old enough to walk there from home. For now though, it costs £2 for two hours' parking and £4 for all day. Additional charges apply for visiting the house or walled garden, but you can explore the parkland for free. There are two cafes (the ice cream is amazing on a sunny day), toilets and Jungle Parc, a high wire course.

As well as introducing parking charges, they've also changed their rules relating to dogs. Between April and September, dogs need to be on leads in the busiest areas of the park. I went last week and lots of owners were making the most of being able to let their dogs run free. 

Although the Park is very busy in the summer, the parking areas are extended accordingly, so there is always somewhere to park. Our usual walk is around the lake and across the grass in front of the house. As it's such a large area, even if the car park is busy, you can walk freely without having to weave between other walkers. 

It's a great spot for a dog walk though and good to visit throughout the year, it looks good whatever the season.
Can I go now, please?
I remember the days when Barney was shorter than the grass
Barney couldn't have been less interested in the swans and cygnets
Look at them though!
Autumn has arrived

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  1. Such a cute dog! Fizz (8 months) is still such a loon we can't trust her off lead unless the area is well fenced, she's fine until she sees another dog, then she just wants to play and goes deaf! Lydiard Park looks lovely