Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Lava shell massage - tried and tested

When Bloomin Beautiful invited me to try a lava shell massage in what turned out to be a very stressful week, I couldn't have been more delighted. I go to their salon in Swindon regularly for HD Brows and Shellac treatments but this was something new. They're always really friendly and do a great job, so I was really looking forward to it.

I've had massages before on spa days but they've always been aromatherapy massages to this was a new experience. When I arrived, the therapist showed me the shells and explained that they have a teabag-like package inside when means that they warm up by themselves when they're not being used. I was asked if there were any particular areas which she should focus on and left to get undressed. I stripped down to my pants and lay face down with my feet under a heated throw (so cosy!) and placed a towel over my back, well at least as well as I could.
When the therapist returned, she dimmed the lights and pulled the throw up to cover me and keep me warm. She uncovered a section of my body at a time, first my legs and feet, one at a time, then my back and upper arms. I then turned over so she could do the fronts of my legs and upper chest and arms and hands. As she worked on each area, she applied some massage oil and worked over each area using both the lava shells and her hands. When the stones started to cool, she'd set one aside to reheat, they're warm but not too hot, just nice and comforting really. The shape of the stones means that when the therapist is working a really gnarly area (like my knotted shoulders!) she can use the edge of the stone to get into the muscle better. I usually get a bit anxious about having a massage, but being covered by a warm throw and just having one area uncovered at a time was really comforting and preserved my modesty; I just tried to clear my mind and almost dropped off. When I was lying on my back I was given a wheat bag to cover my eyes which was really helpful as I have these silly translucent eyelids which always let light in, it meant I was able to relax fully.

After my hour's full body massage I was left alone firstly whilst the therapist brought me a glass of water and then afterwards to get dressed. The treatment had worked wonders, my stresses were forgotten and I felt completely relaxed from the warmth of the shells. I'd certainly recommend it as a pamper treat and will be back myself next time I fancy an hour's time out which will leave me feeling blissfully relaxed.

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