Monday, 22 February 2016

Baby Foot, the perfect treatment for soft feet

Firstly, if you really don't like feet, stop reading now. No, honestly. If however, you want a treatment to make your trotters softer and something you'd happily let out where other people may see them, then read on.  I read about Baby Foot on Twitter when someone described how amazing but disgusting it was. After some research I decided I had to give it a try and ordered it from Amazon.
Baby Foot
Here it is!
Feet before treatment
The before shot, a bit dry and cracked, in desperate need of some TLC
The box contains some very attractive footwear, containing pads in the booties soaked with the active ingredients. You but the booties on, tape them to your legs and then wait for an hour. The advice is to put socks on over the top, you can walk around with them on, but I'd not advise it, it's all a bit skiddy underfoot. After an hour you take the booties off and wash the product off.
Booties in situ
Attractive, huh?!

Initially I thought it might not have worked, my feet felt a bit odd, but that was all. The treatment can take two or three weeks to work, but my feet started peeling after four days, initially on the tops of my feet. After another day things were looking much worse. For the good of my carpets I wore socks 24 hours a day to avoid shedding skin everywhere. I left the skin to peel by itself, I thought if I picked at it to encourage it, it would make it sore. The worst bit was feeling the rolls of skin in my socks as I walked. Luckily, the peeling finished after about a week, helped by a bit of exfoliation.
The peeling starts
Not my best look
The end result wasn't perfect, one of my feet still had dry spots, but some exfoliation and moisturiser seems to have solved that. All in all, it was well worth doing, I'll probably do it again when my feet are feeling beyond help again. My only tip would be not to do it in the summer, honestly it needs to be done when your feet are well under wraps for a week or two!
After treatment
After treatment

If you've tried this yourself, I'd love to hear how you got on.

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