Friday, 8 January 2016

My plans for 2016


Whenever I've come up with New Year's resolutions in the past they always seem destined to fail. I think putting pressure on yourself to change a number of things all at once is just too much. As such, this year I've not so much come up with resolutions as plans for the year. I've left out anything which I have no control over, and things that are traditional resolutions as I don't want to set myself up for a fall. That leaves me with a list of things I'd like to achieve which I can review as the year goes by, and which I'll actually enjoy.    

Read sixteen books 
This was originally going to be fifteen until a friend pointed out that 16 in '16 sounded much better. I struggle to find time to read (I think I read just one book last year), so I've just set a number rather than making it more specific, by genre or subject. I've got a number of unread books on my Kindle, so I just need to focus on picking it up and reading when I have spare time, rather than just browsing Twitter for the twentieth time that day.     

Find one hundred geocaches 
We had this as an objective last year but my husband's eye surgery in November and December scuppered us. Although the year hasn't got off to the best start, with yet more surgery, I'd still like to try to achieve it this year. I love geocaching, it's a great motivator for getting out for a walk and some fresh air, even if we do look like mentalists digging around in the undergrowth when we reach ground zero.     

Maintain Vitality gold status 
I get private medical cover through work with Vitality. Every time you do something that's good for you (whether it's exercise, going for a dental check up, getting a health check etc.) you earn a certain number of points. You start on bronze status and build up through silver and gold before reaching platinum. I've managed to reach gold each year and want to do the same again, if for no other reason than it gets me a free weekly cinema ticket, free coffee at Starbucks and an iTunes gift card.     

Try three gym classes 
As with so many things, my gym trips have been curtailed by recent medical events, but hopefully I'll be able to get everything back on track before too long. I normally hit the treadmill and then call it a day but I think it's time to try group exercise. There are lots of classes at the gym, so I'd like to aim to try three of them in the hope of finding one I'd like to attend regularly.     

Meet up with an old friend 
I've moved around a bit, I grew up in Shropshire, left for college then moved to Gloucester for work, moved to Bristol when I met my husband and then moved to Wiltshire last year for work. Every time I've moved I've lost touch with friends, however hard I've tried to keep in touch. Honestly, I'm sure Bristol is only 40 miles away, not 400! This year I'm going to put a special effort into meeting up with a friend who I've not seen for a couple of years or more. Everyone has such busy lives, especially once they have children, that it takes a bit of organisation to meet up, but it's always worth it.

Blog once a month 
Last year I found it virtually impossible to find the time to write any posts. I'm going to try harder this year, I'm hoping this list will mean I'll have something to write about, as I make progress.    

Watch a new film once a month  
I love watching films and saw quite a few at the cinema in the first half of last year. I've got quite a long list of films that I'd like to see, they may no longer be new releases, but they're new to me. I'd like to try to watch one of these a month.    

Take two holidays 
Work is pretty full on through the summer, so we normally try to take a week off either side of the traditional summer break. This year we went to Northumberland and Skye. Whether we go abroad or not will depend on whether we get a dog this year, but I'm sure we'll have a relaxing time wherever we go.    

Take six day trips 
We're both keen photographers and love a day trip to see something new and take some photographs. As we've only been in Wiltshire since last May there are plenty of places for us to explore. We just need a break in the rain to enjoy them!

Suddenly this seems like quite a long list! I've already made a start on a few of these and will post an update each month on my progress. If you're doing something similar, I'd love to hear about it. 

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