Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My hopes and plans for 2014

I've never really been big on resolutions, and tend to think that January is a pretty awful time to start anything new when it's cold and rainy outside and I really just want to sit tucked under a blanket. However, I've already set a few things in progress which means we could be due a few changes in 2014, so I may as well set myself some plans to keep to. Hopefully by writing it down, it'll motivate me.

Get my health and fitness kick back on track
I'd done really well in mid 2013, I'd lost about a stone due to a combination of eating less and moving more. That was until work got stressful at the same time as Autumn appeared, so comfort eating set in. I've also had a suspected broken foot for three months (I know!) so I've been nervous about walking too far on it, let alone running. I'm planning to get my foot looked in the next week or so, so I can get back to walking, return to the gym and combine it with healthier eating. My Fitbit and MyFitnessPal will keep an eye on me!

Get my work-life balance sorted
After a work merger early in 2013, I've not been happy at work, plus the amount of work I've had to do has increased exponentially. I finally got fed up in November and found myself a new job which I start in February. I'm hoping my last month in my current job won't be too stressful and that I'll settle into my new job easily enough. Once I've got everything under control, I should be able to come home at 5.30 and not have to pick up and respond to emails in the evening. Sounds good, huh?!

Find a new home
    This fab new job? Well, it's about 50 miles from here. The commute is doable, but not something I'd want to be doing forever. We've talked about moving house for years to somewhere more rural, so hopefully 2014 will be the year that happens. Every time I move house I find it incredibly stressful and vow never to do it again. I'm trying to forget that for the next twelve months and I'm sure it'll come easily enough when we find out new perfect home.

Keep better control of my purse strings
I'm lucky enough to have a relatively well paid job, so within reason, if I want something, I can afford it. My new job is going to mean my fuel bills increasing significantly, plus a house move won't be cheap. Add to this that I've taken a slight initial salary cut for my new job, and I'm aware I need to be less spendthrift. Due to various factors, we've always planned to save as much as we can so we can retire before we're too old to enjoy it properly. I need to keep that in mind, concentrate on the longer term picture and realise that I probably don't need an extra pair of shoes or a new eyeshadow.

Get my geocaching log count up to 400
 I love geocaching, but life and weather seem to have conspired against me this year. I'm going to aim to get up to 400 geocaches logged in 2014. It helps motivate me to get out walking, so hopefully it'll help with my first resolution too.

Just to really depress me I've found an infographic which shows just how unlikely I am to achieve my aims. Oh well, I never did believe random statistics.

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