Saturday, 15 September 2012

Blowing away the cobwebs at Dyrham Park

After a busy week at work, we were determined to get out and enjoy the weekend's dry weather. We've been National Trust members for ages, always thinking it would get us out of the house at the weekend but have made embarrassingly little use of it. Today was the day to change that.

We decided on Dyrham Park, which is only about half an hour from home. It has a baroque mansion set in an ancient deer park. We set out with the aim of exploring the gardens, and didn't really expect to see any deer.

We set off from the car along the blue route, and after only ten minutes or so spotted some deer in the distance. We decided to walk slowly towards then to get a better view and ended up standing only about fifty feet away from them. They were completely unperturbed by our presence, which gave us the opportunity to get a few photos of them grazing and locking antlers. I could have stayed for hours watching them, but once I'd started to feel the cold, it was time to continue on our way towards the house.

We decided to leave the inside of the house for another day, and explored the West Garden, church and pond areas. By this time we'd built up an appetite and headed to the tea room for a cream tea, which completely hit the spot.

Well fed, we headed back to the car, taking the red route, which took us via Neptune Hill, giving us a great view looking down on the house. We headed home with plenty of photographs on our memory cards, and wondering just how I'm managed to get so much sheep poo on me, when we'd not seen any sheep. Just accident prone, I guess!

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